The dream for Helicon Valley is to be a strategic and creative agency, which is not only looking ahead, but also finding inspiration in the greatest thinkers in history and the teachings of the Muses from Ancient Greece. Where yesterday’s approach to solving problems and communicating is adapted to the opportunities and technology of tomorrow

About Helicon Valley

Helicon Valley is a strategic and creative agency. We are expects in brand activation and go-to-market-strategy and we have an ambition to challenge the status quo – our experience connects the most important skills from communications, PR, influencer marketing, fashion and advertising in a unique setup.

Named from Mount Helicon – the home of the Muses in Ancient Greece – and the techcenter in Silicon Valley, we consider ourselves driven by curiosity and equally drawn to art and technological advancement.

We want to end traditional agency thinking. In a confrontation with the prevailing silo structure in the advertising and communications agencies, it is important for us that we have a dedicated team of specialists, who are integrated in the entire project for the client – guaranteeing the best use of time.

We find that good strategy begins with understanding people. Therefore, we find our inspiration in real-life muses – passionate people, innovators, lovers, creators, storytellers and first movers. And learn from their behavior and their interests.

For our clients, this means tailormade solutions based on artistic influences, solid creative craftmanship, and clear methodology, and a curiosity for the world around us.


Sara Rosa Oppermann

CEO // Creative Director
M: +45 31333964