Italian beauty brand Cera di Cupra has existed since 1957, but how does a heritage brand like this fit into modern world with thousands of powerful competitors?

We helped the Danish branch of Cera di Cupra with a strategic relaunch, reconnecting with the Italian legacy and creating a standout brand personality.


  • Relaunch strategy 
  • Campaign and concept development 
  • Content Creation 
  • Video production 


The Italian beauty brand Cera di Cupra has existed since 1957 – and the products have a spectacularly loyal group of customers in Denmark, many of whom have used the product for years. 

However, the products had a design, lacking the Nordic minimalist look of many competing and more modern skincare products on the shelves at the Danish pharmacies, making it hard for Cera di Cupra to attract new customers.  

Finally, despite the small, but loyal customer-base – few consumers had a personal relation to the brand, which was relatively unknown in Denmark and needed a revitalization of the brand story to connect to a broader and younger target audience. 


Helicon Valley worked from the insight that the customers of Cera di Cupra are fans for life – passing on the product and the brand from mother to daughter, and friend to friend.  

The company itself – and the recipe – has also been passed on from generation to generation in Italy, since founded in 1957. 

Moreover, the brand strategy was based on the insight that when it comes to skincare, women prefer products with a track record rather than novelties and one-hit-wonders. And while they want quality – they also want to get their moneys worth. 

Finally, consumers appreciate brand history, when choosing new products.  



Helicon Valley developed a strategy centered around creating a familiar, but professional bond with the consumers – with focus on the Italian heritage. 

The strategy was to take advantage of the fact that the products have been on the market for many years without changing the product or the look of the product – and turn it in to a strength. 

Consequently, Helicon Valley developed the overall strategy to “stage” Cera di Cupra as a classic – an Italian iconic choice 1957 with a strong heritage of being handed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation – without changing the age-old guaranteed recipe or turning up the prices. 

And to highlight the legacy of the brand, Helicon Valley developed a retro-inspired universe in homage to the advertising style in the 1950’s. Charming, classy and authentic. 



By emphasizing the Italian heritage – Helicon Valley developed the concept slogan: “Beauty in Italian” [In Danish: Skønhed  italiensk] 

The concept elevates the brand history together with the Italian roots – and shapes a new perspective for the skincare brand with a relatable story, which builds on the loyal following. 



Helicon Valley developed a new colour palette for the brand – to create a cohesive impression across platforms. But the 1950s-looking universe also inspired Helicon Valley to apply the same principle to the creation of the new branding material for Cera di Cupra 

The relaunch brand materials included a video and a new graphic look to be featured in print and online advertising alike. 

The video was made with a collection of original Italian Cera di Cupra commercials from up through the years – combined with a modern twist and accompanied by traditional music from the 1950s. 

The team reached also out to some of our Helicon Muses with a generational and familiar connection: To achieve the right sound of 1950s ads, Helicon Valley asked Danish advertising legend Claus Lembourn to write the copy: Alexander’s grandfather.  

To draw the iconic Cera di Cupra woman, who is at the centre of the new campaign, was drawn by Art Director-veteran Kaare Grundtvig: Sara’s former teacher in advertising. 

And the video – combining modern techniques with classic commercials from Italy – was edited by Oliver Seppo: Sara’s former intern. 

All materials – video and graphics alike – have been adapted to fit across all prospective marketing platforms for potential future implementation. 




This relaunch is still on-going – consequently, there are no final results yet. 

The new look and story for Cera di Cupra has given the brand a voice and a reason for standing out on the shelves. Both the video and the graphic new look was hugely popular with Cera di Cupra and selected audience in the test phase. 

Additionally, the brand owners in Italy – which has produced the product since the creation in 1957 – has immediately requested to share the result with the brand’s global audience. 

Team: Helicon Valley: Strategy, concept development, media planning and project management. Alexander Sebastian Lembourn & Sara Rosa Oppermann  

The Helicon Muses team:  

Kaare Grundtvig: Animator fo the Cupra lady 

Claus Lembourn: Slogan and copywriting 

Oliver Seppo: Animator, video creation, editing