Is it possible to make a ”one-size-fits-all” global go-to-market-strategy for a home-sharing community? 

Helicon Valley developed a scalable global ”go-to-market” solution for member recruitment to be unrolled globally in this award winning case. 


  • Go-to-market strategy 
  • Campaign and concept development 
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Video production 


Human Hotel have existed for almost 10 years – established as an art project during the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen. But in 2019, the homesharing community – despite a loyal international following – approached Helicon Valley with the task of growing the user base. Not only in Denmark – but globally. 

But is it possible to make a ”one-size-fits-all” global go-to-market-strategy for a home-sharing community? Including the strategy development, media plan, creative content and implementation? 

In short: Yes. 

Human Hotel also requires that the host is home, when sharing his or her home – and will therefore spend time together with the guest. Is it possible to convince ordinary people to open their homes to strangers?  

Also yes. 


Helicon Valley initially analysed the behavior of hosts, who sign up to share their homes with international strangers.  

What drives them? Meeting interesting people 

While Human Hotel had strong roots in the art community – in Denmark as well as internationally – Helicon Valley discovered the insight, that not only artists have the creative and curious mindset, which is the foundation of the “meaningful meeting” that Human Hotel wants to create with the homesharing platform. Creativity and curiosity is a mindset more than a profession. 



Helicon Valley defined a new target audience for Human Hotel based on this insight. Less centered around art, and more about creativity and curiosity – regardless of industry or field of interest – the broader and much more diverse target audience opened a completely new market for the homesharing platform. 

Then we developed a recruitment strategy, which can be used as a go-to-market entry across the world. The strategy was to attach Human Hotel to an event – in order to establish a reason for the traveler to come to town for a relevant occasion, which interest the hosts as well. 

For this particular campaign, the test setting for the strategy was a collaboration with Techfestival, where Human Hotel was accommodation partner. 

The campaign assets sought to find 100 hosts in Copenhagen – which was much less than the campaign goal, but in order to create a sense of exclusivity among the prospective hosts.  



In order to not only introduce Human Hotel to this new target audience, but also inspire them to sign up as hosts, we developed a concept focused around the international travelers and what they have in common with the hosts.  

The overall creative concept – ” ”Connecting Like-Hearted Creatives” – is not about creating meetings between ”like-minded” but ”like-hearted” creative travellers. 

The creative concept had the human as primary focus – and used the guests for Techfestival as ”influencers”, where handheld home videos created a community feeling that proved efficient to the interested people in Copenhagen, as it underlined the human element which is also the slogan of Human Hotel: “Humans – Not Hotels” 

A tailored concept that is well understood in all languages and cultures and also non-seasonal. 



The test campaign for Techfestival in Copenhagen had an ambitious goal of getting 5.000 website visits and 200 new hosts. 

A very demanding CTA: Not only must the host register to rent out a place, he or she must be home. On three specific days. Weekdays. In September. After a campaign run during the Summer vacation. 

The video assets were built on a series of videos recorded by the guests, who was going to attend Techfestival. It was recorded handheld to provide a documentarist and dogma-inspired feeling. 

This way, we used the users as “free influencers” in order to strengthen their community feeling by activating the exact same feeling that Human Hotels stands for. 

As a start we developed 12 videos based on 4 members targeted the various platforms. 

Helicon tested the ads across the platforms and made ongoing optimizations and adjustments to the creative assets. Overall, we tested a total of 29 different ads across 7 campaigns. 

Meanwhile we created a specific and supporting PR-plan which resulted in a frontpage and 5 pages in Børsen -the most important business media in Denmark – in the Pleasure section, which is read by the cultural elite. 

Subsequently, Helicon Valley handled a second test phase for the Art Chart 2019, targeting a more artistic crowd with the same approach to similar high results. 


AL - Community Designer

Antonio - Photographer & Designer

JUSTYNA - Play Designer & Toymaker

AMANDA - Artist & Painter


The campaign was a success. 

In less than two months and with a low media budget. The creative concept and the digital strategy were exposed to the right target group, who chose to open their homes or become members of Human Hotel’s community.  

The campaign achieved 216 registered hosts along with 255 additional users, just as the digital assets acquired more than 9.500 clicks – almost double the campaign KPI. 

In November 2019, the campaign won the Spot:On Brand Activation Award in the Arts & Culture category at the Danish Spot:On Awards – beating out competitors such as the Royal Danish Theatre, Heartland Festival and more.