In creating a branding video for the medical cannabis center in Denmark, Helicon Valley approached the complex topic in a regulated, but growing global industry, by developing a strategy and concept, based on target audience insights and designed for platforms on the international markets. 


  • Campaign and concept development 
  • Content Creation 
  • Video production 


Too few international companies are aware of the Danish pilot project on medical cannabis.  

Therefore, Invest In Denmark – a subsection of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – wanted to create a informational video promoting the growing medical cannabis sector in Denmark. 

The brief was for an infographic-style video, highlighting the benefits of investing in Denmark for foreign companies, targeting C-level decision makers and business developers in international companies. This requires knowledge of media consumption of industry professionals along with an understanding of how to present the advantages of a niche-market in a relevant, but concise manner. 


The target audience are busy people – but they are also predominantly young and thus accustomed to certain internet formats 

There is a trend of using short-format animated videos for fact explanations – in a quick-fire way, similar to movie trailers fitting with YouTube viewer preferences – establishing a sense of curiosity. 

Helicon Valley used the insight that the target audience was web users in their own right – and adapted the recognizable format to promote the Danish medical cannabis scene. 



Helicon Valley developed the strategy for the video – from idea and storyboard to the final video. This way, we approached the regulated, but rapidly developing global industrybased on target audience insights presents the most important advantages Denmark has to offer in a short-format animated video, specifically designed for platforms on the international markets. 

The strategy was to create a curiosity and the desire to learn more – but in a simple and easily understood way that highlights the advantages of Denmark, and in a format, which fits with video consumption trends in the target audience. 

In short: By making a “trailer” for Denmark – which catches the attention, but doesn’t waste the time of any viewers, leading curious-minded decision makers onto the Invest In Denmark website for more information. 



The video was deliberately short – in order to avoid too much information in the video, making it interesting and relevant for a larger target audience. 

The animated style in the video had a modern twist to the more traditional infographic-style videos, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously had made.  

Instead, with a more sketch-like style – resembling the style of the popular YouTube fact-videos – It was a priority to make the video easy to interpret and relate to for the viewer – and make it concrete, without overburdening with information. 

 Additionally, the storyboard was developed with the option of splitting up the video into small video ads post-launch. 


TOP 5 reasons to choose Denmark for your medical cannabis adventure


The medical cannabis video was introduced to industry opinion leaders at an event for the Danish medical cannabis sector, and received an overwhelmingly positive response, because the video conveyed the most important factors about Denmark in a short and entertaining way. 

The video is now a part of Invest In Denmark’s toolkit for attracting new international medical cannabis businesses, helping to brand Denmark in the dynamic global industry.