SB12 wanted to position the brand towards an older and more professional target audience. Helicon Valley developed a new brand concept, which based on behavioral insights about good morning routines built a successful universe for SB12 to communicate with a new audience. 


  • Campaign and concept development
  • Content Creation
  • Digital advertising
  • Video production


After years of sponsoring 90’s festivals and the Danish Paradise Hotel series, SB12 was wellknown in the young demographic. 

But Helicon Valley was asked to provide a strategy for how to expand the consumer base to a more professional segment – and change focus to how a good and fresh breath is an important part of a good professional life. 

This required a completely new approach and higher level of exclusivity. Less party – more professionalism. 

 Especially because the target audience was essentially everyone getting up in the morning to go to work – with emphasis on the young professionals from sales and service jobs and office workers. 


Good morning routines are frequently singled out as part of the successes from rolemodels in every industry and profession.  

By tailormaking a morning routine, you become better at everything 

Therefore, many ambitious and busy professionals seek out information about successful morning routines to improve their own lives 



Our strategy was to implement SB12 in the everyday routine – rather than make it an occasional effort – e.g. before a date. 

Our approach was to look closer at what drives the people, we wanted to reach. Their ambitions. 

Therefore, we focused on habits, routines and the everyday life. Because the brain loves habits – and we could use that to reach the target audience we wanted to reach. And the ambitious professionals use morning routines to feel ahead early in the day. 

Thereby we also changed focus from a demographic to a lifestyle – making the campaign inherently more relevant for the target audience  



The concept implemented the brand in the morning routines. 

Helicon Valley developed the campaign concept and slogan “Sharing the good routines” [In Danish: “Sammen om de gode rutiner”] 

 This creates a sense of community – and includes SB12 in the routine of the aspiring successful professionals.  



Helicon Valley chose two professionals – who are individually respected and recognized in their respective fields: The entrepreneur Louise Ferslev and the breakdancer Mikael Santana, who were filmed in everyday situations to share their daily morning routine. 

By taking ownership of the good routines, SB12 can take on any industry and any profession – and make the connection to the everyday life of the consumers. 

Through a combination of network contacts and industry talents, Helicon Valley created two overall videos – and subsequently cut them down to 6-second bumper ads. 

In addition to the campaign videoes, which were developed in 9 different versions adapted to the respective platforms, where the ads were run, Helicon Valley developed content to the SB12 website, with recommendations for how to improve your own morning routine. 


LOUISE FERSLEV - Entrepreneur

MIKAEL SANTANA - Breakdancer


The campaign was hugely successful in branding SB12 towards a different and older target audience.  

The budget was limited, but the variations of the two videos performed better and achieved higher view-through-rate than previous SB12 content – retaining the audience attention through Louise and Santana’s recipes for the good morning routine.  

Additionally, the two videos generated a high level of clicks to an online pharmacy, where the viewers could purchase their own supply of SB12 – thus achieving both awareness and sales.